Introducing MGM Custom Builders: Your trusted partner in turning your dream home into reality

Introducing MGM Custom Builders, the perfect partner for all your homebuilding and renewal needs. With three decades of experience under our belt, we extend our expertise in home remodeling and redefining spaces, offering unmatched service to homeowners yearning for a change or an upgrade. We are more than just builders – we are dream makers, breathing life into your visions with precision and passion.

MGM Custom Builders was built on the cornerstone of commitment, consistency and craftsmanship. We are specialists in remodeling and addition of custom-made homes, transforming houses with impeccable designs and top-tier quality. Our team takes immense pride in our full-spectrum approach that charts the full path from repair to revitalization, from the first blueprint to the final finished detail.

With MGM Custom Builders, you are not just a client; you are our collaborative partner. We immerse ourselves in understanding your ideas, your hopes, and your unique style. Our guiding principle is to help design and create a home that mirrors your lifestyle and personality.

Over the years, our unmatched ability to update homes with innovative and functional renovations has earned us a reputable standing in the industry. We are well-recognized for our commitment to excellence, leaving no stone unturned to ensure our clients’ utmost satisfaction.

At MGM Custom Builders, your dream home awaits. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and create a space that you’ll be proud to call home. Trust MGM Custom Builders to turn your inspirations into reality, punctuating the skyline with benchmarks of unrivaled perfection.

Matthew McQuay (Owner, General Contractor)
Phone: 530-391-4437

Millcreek Downstairs Bathroom

One of our specialties is bathrooms. To the left shows a complete remodel including floors, tub, cabinets, mirrors, windows, fixtures, hardware and faucets. Our client was looking for a modern, yet subdued change.